About Us

HempScience sources only the highest quality organic, family farmed, and traceable hemp flowers. We believe that producing a premium product begins in community, by supporting family farmers and working to revitalize rural America. Our organic farmers utilize regenerative agriculture, including fair pricing, to deliver ethically-sourced, USA-grown hemp.



Of the several hundred phytochemicals that have been described in cannabis, the most beneficial include the cannabinoids, terpenes, and phenolic compounds like flavonoids. We have found the greatest benefit to consumers comes from harnessing the full synergy of whole flower extractions. HempScience specifically chooses not to use cheap, readily available, and often foreign produced isolates of unknown origin, but instead we create propitiatory extracts that provide a more complete and diverse spectrum of active compounds.



We got tired of so many brands lacking traceability and transparency of their ingredient sourcing, and their finial product quality. We wanted a paradigm shift from large corporate farms with poor labor practices and farmer pay prices, miles of wasteful row plastic, who are depleting the earth's precious soils. HempScience establishes a brand that not only supports small family farmers practicing organic and regenerative agriculture, but has the ability to share the whole story, from seed to shelf with our customers.

In addition to our 100% certified organic supply chain, HempScience utilizes modern extraction technology located in certified food grade facilities.  Our team boasts decades of hemp agricultural research and experience.  HempScience promotes the many uses of hemp, including herbal supplements, health food and industrial  applications. Hemp assists in soil building regenerative agriculture programs, while helping build small farming communities through providing farmers with an alternative crop.



When purchasing HempScience products, consumers can have confidence they are buying clean, pure, and laboratory tested hemp extracts which support small family farmers, regenerative agriculture, and have gone through the USDA certified organic certification process.  HempScience products are manufactured in certified food grade facilities and contain less than 0.3% THC as required by the US Farm Bill and federal law. The HempScience brand is inspired by the powers of natural plant botanical's and are backed by modern research, science and technology.